Kaitlyn (kaitybear) wrote,

Tackling 101

Title: Tackling 101
Pairing: Mike Chang/Tina Cohen-Chang
Rating: PG13
Spoilers: 2.11
Summary: Tina wants to learn how to tackle.

Just a short drabble until my immune system kicks in and I'm well enough to write something longer.

She threads her arm through yours as you’re dismissed from Glee, following Rachel and Puck out into the relatively deserted hallways of McKinley. She hasn’t stopped grinning since Coach Bieste said the girls could play in the football game and it’s ridiculous how infectious her smile is. She’s practically radiating happy.

“So, can you teach me how to take a tackle tonight?”
“What?” you cough.
“A tackle. You know, when you have the ball and someone hits you. Can you teach me?”
“No no no no no.”

You’ve reached Tina’s locker because it’s situated fairly close to the choir room, and you can see the profile of her pursed lips as she fiddles with the combination. It’s foolish but you hope she’s going to drop it because the whole thing gives you a bad feeling in your gut without Tina asking about tackling. Yeah, that's not going to happen so you might as well just get it over with now.

“Rachel said you were going to just lie there. Just lie there. Not run or catch the ball or get tackled. Lie there.”
“But I should know; just in case?” she grabs a few books from the shelf.
“There is no just in case clause. You lie there. We will take care of the rest. You just lie there. That was the plan. That is the plan.”
“Please? What if the ball is right there and there’s no one else around and all I have to do is pick it up and run?”
“If that’s the case you won’t get tackled.”
“Tinaaaaaa” you whine back.


You both end up naked and sweaty on your bed, fingertips ghosting over Tina’s side as she rolls onto your chest.

“I like tackling.”
“I don’t know what football you’ve been watching, but tackling does not involve beds or removing clothes.”
“Hey!” she swats your arm, “I learnt that I shouldn’t cushion my fall with my arms, and that I should try to roll if I can and that you’re ticklish right here.”

She wiggles down a bit and before you can even think about groaning, because her gorgeous body is rubbing everywhere, Tina’s fingers skim the inside of your left knee and you can’t help but squirm, biting back a laugh.

“Okay, firstly, you're evil. Secondly, you promised to lie there. No tackling."
"There's a joke in there somewhere."
“I know,” she sighs, “It’s going to be so boring.”
“You lie there like you promised and I’ll actually teach you how to tackle; we can use the gym mats after practice one day.”
“Actual tackling? Not bed tackling?”


“I don’t like tackling,” she mumbles as you help her to the bench.
“Yeah, neither do I.”

You kneel down in front of her and even though the medics are loitering in the background, you need to know for yourself that she’s okay. They’re professionals but you’re her boyfriend and the overwhelming guilt you’re feeling for letting her play, even though it’s basically impossible to stop Tina when she sets her mind to something, needs to be put at bay before you can even think about going back out there.

“I didn’t put my hands down.”
“You did good,” you sooth, running your hands down her arms.
“I didn’t follow the plan. I didn’t lie there.”
“You got caught up in the game. It’s okay, Tee.”

She nods as you continue to let your hands roam over her, pressing her stomach to check for any pain and possible internal bleeding, before continuing down to her legs just because you need to make sure all of her is okay. Except you’re pretty sure she’s got a concussion from the slightly unfocused way her eyes are gazing at you.

“I think I prefer bed tackling.”


“My head hurts.”
“You have a concussion. And you danced around right after. And then jumped around when we won.”
“I was excited.”
“You gave me a gray hair.”
“What? Where?”
“I don’t see it. You’re such a liar, Mike Chang.”
“No. Seriously, right here.”
“I don’t see… oh. You do. Are you sure that isn’t just zombie makeup?”
“No. And I think my heart also stopped for a second or two. You seriously aged me tonight, Tee.”

The car is silent for a moment.

“My boobs really hurt too.”
Tags: drabbles, fandom: glee, pairing: tina/mike
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